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Eric Cui, Zhe Zhang

Arry Zhong



London Lumiere

In London, which gets dark at 4 or 5 pm, you will have a lot of time to have fun in the night.

The Christmas lights have not been removed, and the subtle lighting fixtures already shine everywhere – artists around the world turn the lights into brushes, making London becomes the most beautiful city at night. This year, the Lumiere International Lighting Festival came to London for the second time. When the last session was held in London, more than 1.3 million people wore coats and walked out of the house on cold nights. To watch the night London became an open-air art gallery.

However, the light show is beautiful but only lasted for four days. How can it satisfy everyone's eyes? The videos and articles we published will not only compensate you for the regret of missing the festival but also introduce more eye-catching people and stories behind the festival.