Zhe Zhang, Yuefeng Cui

Executive producer:
Angela Davenport

Assistant Producer:
Kloe Mchugh

Yuefeng Cui

Cinema photographer 1:
Jakob Cizic

Cinema photographer 2:
Chris Turner

DOP 1:
Jed Darlington

DOP 2:

Liam Morgan

Assistant Gaffer:
Chris William

Kathy Zhang

Special thanks:
F1H20, Dene Stallard





As The UIM F1H2O Grand Prix's operator and promoter in China, Tian Rong Sports has had over 10 years experience of running this single-seater inshore circuit Formula powerboat racing in China. The mid-June racing in 2018 at the East London's historical Royal Victoria Dock was extremely significant, not only because it was the first oversea event to be operated by Tian Rong Sports -  a Chinese Company, but also the event was a dramatic return after 33 years when it was held at the exact spot in London for the first time since 1985 on 15-17th June. Made In London Media, as an outstanding production team, was honoured to be taken on board and to produce a very important and impressive official promotional video for the British Leg.  Started from setting up the tone of the film, creating the story board, selecting the perfect locations, checking the racing venue and following up filming till the end editing, we work hard on the project just like the professional racers. By elaborating an end-to-end production service, we ended the project in a perfect way and was highly praised by our Client.



The Approach


Different from the traditional narrative film, Tian Rong Sports wanted to have a promotional video which combines the story telling and the real racing together. So the audience can enjoy the in-depth story about the racers as well as getting excited for the upcoming Adrenaline surging race. To satisfy the requirement to its maximum, Made In London Team selected two most representative figures as the main contributors of the story, created a 5-day follow up shooting plan, located 6 different venues inside and outside London, worked with the Top Asian Director and three groups of London based professional shooting crew, we were aiming to bring out a perfect promotional video from the film content to the quality of graphic.




After a comprehensive research, we focused on the two very representative figures who we think suit the storyboard the best. One is the four-time world champion, the former British racer Jonathan Jones who has been in the circle since the beginning of the F1 Powerboat racing. The other one is the best female racer so far in the racing history, Marit Stromoy, a Norwegian racer who used to won the European Championship, and also a racer for this time's British leg. We followed them up before the match and all days through the racing weekend. Adopted the idea of combining the short content film with a commercial sporty documentary, by adding the previous highlights from the F1 powerboat racing all over the world, along with our captured moments from the live racing, the final result has achieved such a high attention beyond our client's expectation.